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woody harrelson. the reality is from a journalistic perspective it is black and white, billions we can put into the economy. the statistic often cited about 70% of cartels might be a little bit high, but quite a lot of organized-crime is not from the heroin but cannabis and we could have american farmers growing this and on the industrial side and north dakota's agricultural commissioner is begging to put this plant back to work for america's factories quoting energy. i went to an energy sustainability festival for my previous book where i was giving a talk and the of the speaker was the usda expert on biofuels and she told me about all sorts of biofuels i have not heard of,
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filters and toxics in the soil and biofuels. either in the law and started researching and i said what about cannabis. she said best there is. magnitudes better than corn or slowly and i said but? don't you know? we are not even allowed to talk about it. >> you can watch this and other programs online at conservative political pundit ann coulter presents her thoughts on race in america next on booktv. the author speaks at the four seasons hotel in los angeles for 15 minutes. [applause] >> thank you for bringing ancient history, elbow to elbow. that is the key as everyone knows. it is an honor to be here. trivial information. forget it when you are out the
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door. it is an honor to be here. having been an actor simon recovered actors who is now in my right mind and my left brain but having been there for a long time i appreciate the club and all the statement has done to create the first oasis in the desert that is hollywood. thank you for that. really appreciate it. [applause] deeply appreciate all the amazing work that david did. you were magnificent on all the news channels exposing the travesty of the current administration's policies living up to libya and since. i want to say thank you for being a champion of liberty and freedom. thank you. [applause] it is great restoration weekend and if you have not been, please get the tablet out there and we will go last year and we screened our film and we are able to be there and it is phenomenal.
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an opportunity for liberty lovers to share the most amazing mines, declaring a call and this year we will all be celebrating together and raising a glass post-election. i want to see you guys there. be sure to join us. last year we had a wonderful opportunity of hearing ann coulter speak. when i think of ann i think of what the research we did as we got ready for the web site and radio show and the company and examine this phenomenon which is the renaissance of conservative women. conservative women today are more informed, engage, articulate than ever before. it is quite entertaining. when it comes to that particular sport of exasperated liberals there is no one better than ann coulter. [laughter and applause] my husband did a brief stint with the world wrestling federation before becoming a
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producer at disney, there is a particular metaphor that comes to mind when you watch ann -- wwf smack down. all you have to do is look at all the cases from katie couric, keith older man. she -- i do have to say she was pulling punches with the challengers in that case but george stephanopoulos, al sharpton, the list goes on and on and david said my favorite was the most recent one on the view. that wasn't an unfair match because ann was all by herself mentally four opposing her. they were outnumbered. it was wonderful. it does show there are a few verbal debate that deserve to be pay-per-view events. last week's debate between governor romney and the president, you enjoyed that one.
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tonight's debate between paul ryan and the vice president joe biden should be a lot of fun. and ann versus will be goldberger. i have to say that would be extremely 1-sided in every definition because you wouldn't even hear will be. they would have to be out every response like they did last night on of you. that would be unfair. the entertainment factor aside what welle -- what ann is is truly courageous. willing to use her amazing satirical wit to highlight the most important issues of our day. describes herself as a polemicist who likes to stir the pot and does not pretend to be impartial balance as are broadcasters do. airbag ground has prepared her well. she is a lawyer who graduated with honors from cornell university and graduated university of michigan law
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school, syndicated columnist, author of eight new york times bestsellers which confirms that they're the only ones who haven't read their books. and demagoguery from -- "mugged: racial demagoguery from the seventies to obama" is in sight land timely. i have to say after reading that i felt so unburdened and liberated, i will go ahead and get rid of all of the secret racial words i have been bottling up and here it goes. chicago, constitution, experience, closing the fort, privilege, kitchen cabinets, peanut butter, community organizer, black hole, apartment, share. all racially coded words and now that i am on a roll and this is a friendly crowd of go-ahead and make the most recent statement deemed by the current view out
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there. here it goes. the most racist comment is i am not voting for president obama. got to get that off my chest. i feel a lot better. don't say that to the person next to you if you feel that way. all joking aside we live in an upside-down world where saying harmless words like that can bear huge tax on the other side and yet the other side can say very toxic comments without repercussions or being held to the same standard. one example is mark lamont hill. you may have seen a recent article, the most overweighted right--the most overrated white people to shakespeare and in the current climate the only thing worse than being a white person, speaking those words is being a black person who steps out of line. slicken stacey dash and thank you for standing up for her so
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valiantly. [applause] >> it would be funnier if it wasn't so wrong. that is the truth. as frederick douglass said liberty is meaningless when the right to other thoughts and opinions has ceased to exist. ann coulter is not just the champion of freedom of speech, she practices it vigorously every single day. i will leave you with this. the most accurate comment about her current book came from the american spectator. he said this. it is not just a book. is a public service. i agree with that wholeheartedly. and coulter is indeed a public servant and i would hate the kind of public servants of her communicate -- organizer ronnie day. please welcome me in welcoming ann coulter. [applause]
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>> i hope this won't be like christmas, a much better welcome than exit. i did briefly run off with that but came back to the responsible choice, mitt romney. i hope my introduction is not one of -- i'm going to try something all new. i worked very hard on my speeches, make sure there are enough jokes in them. i wrote the book. i know how it goes.
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i thought i could describe it to you. i wish you had not reminded liberals that many of us don't think they have done so well in trying to anathematized me because more than any book i have ever written i have never had a book so ignored by the mainstream media. one thing i changed my mind about. i always maintain ferociously that liberals cannot learn. they can't learn that if you cut taxes you get more revenue to the treasury. they can't learn it doesn't work to coddle and suck up to terrorists but apparently they can learn that if they attack ann coulter she sells more books. i love those gals on the of you. i wanted to kiss every one of them before i left. i realized people who are familiar with the actual history of civil rights in america.
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and it was great because they believe everything the new york times believes. at least the girls on the view would argue with me. one sentence summary of my book, and don't make the same mistake america. liberals have been the primary practitioners 7. every police shooting, suddenly the klan had taken of the new york city police force. like the trade on martin case,
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they disappear once the facts come out. the story we were hysterical about, you would know -- the black kid was -- did ambush and killing a cop, only because the stories would disappear from the news. one of the best ones was michael stewart who came to be called an artist because he was caught spraying graffiti in the subway. a dozen cops, they got him to the hospital two weeks later and he passed out and the revived demand and he was at a coma and died of pneumonia. he died as a result of police brutality despite medical examiner's saying the opposite. the cops are put on trial for manslaughter. they are acquitted and the new york times editorial the next
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day was remembering michael stewart and complaining no justice would be done in this case, to the rosenbaum case, riots by al sharpton who has many cameo appearances in my book. i had forgotten all the stuff he was involved in. when nelson was put on trial for the murder of rosenbaum, and a visiting student, an accident in the middle of an acidic parade and in the midst of a, nelson is caught with a bloody knife and seen running away from where rosenbaum was dying and they bring nelson over, the dying man identified him as the one -- and nelson confessed to the crime. a mostly black jury acquits him of the crime and the new york
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times editorial the next day was we will never know who killed nelson. this is the sort of thing we went through in the 70s and 80s and the arc of my book, the middle part is when it all changed overnight with the o.j. verdict. at 10:03 october 3rd, 1995, when white america sigh a majority black jury convicted a manifestly black celebrity and blacks across america cheered that verdict. americans said the bank is shut down. it happened overnight. not only a wonderful things that happened to discourse in america and race relations in america but a wonderful thing that happened to black people. al sharpton and jesse jackson or not the only black spokesman. republican policies that had been being pushed by republicans
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for years, welfare reform, law-and-order policies, demographic as racist, we know what he is really talking about. those policies were instituted by reagan and bush judges and rudy guiliani in new york city. tens of thousands of black lives were saved. when welfare was reformed tens of thousands of black lives were saved in a different way. welfare reform is so successful, law-and-order policies were so successful that bill clinton started claiming credit for both. we had 12 years of paradise where i described the many wonderful things that happened and most of all people were not walking on eggshells anymore as with the list of words you just mentioned. people had to be worried about them. innocent words that were deemed racist and ruin your career. you would be aided by all of
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humankind. that was over. a lot of the change after o.j. was very subtle but it was a wonderful thing that happened for race relations in america. that faded. it happened daylong time ago and a long comes barack obama, the most liberal candidate in the nation's history. they get a liberal president and attacked critics are calling them racist. with obama it has come back. we are walking on egg shells again. admittedly not very delicately on those egg shells. just my introduction. i am going to a debate party tonight, the racist pete said debate party, because he is having it in his apartment.
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apartment. it is an apartment. maybe it is not being taken quite as seriously have but it did work in 2008. more white people voted for barack obama than any democratic candidate for president in nearly 40 years, tied with clinton, incumbent in 1996. look at the wonders that produced, as it did in new york city and as it has with barack obama. you can see my book in effect in last week's debate. the first objective test obama has faced. for four years he has been coddles by the media. i guess he faced a tough opponent with hillary clinton but who is she? the wife of an in peach ex-president. that is how she made her name. still she was better than john mccain. and even in the obama hillary
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debate the questions going to obama were so soft ball saturday night live did a sketch on it with hillary being asked these intricate complicated policy questions and the moderator asking obama if he would like another fellow. that was a fair summary and the stunning thing was not how poorly obama did was the other one. [applause] >> if john mccain had been on the stage, we would be the ones with long faces. it was how magnificent mitt romney was and the first time obama had to face a tough opponent. his whole life he has been as long as you don't make fast moves white people will love you. by his account he was smoking
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pot and manage to transfer to one of the premier universities in america and from there rockets to harvard law school and president, only been president for two weeks and wednesday nobel priest -- peace prize. this was the first test he faced. he didn't do so well. you see it with stacy dash. it is as if as i wrote in my column they spend so much time fawning over entities like eugene robinson and barack obama that to restore their psychological equilibrium, burning with racist words and dumping down for clarence thomas and neil love and alan west and stacey dash.
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there is nothing braver in the world that a black conservative. [applause] black people agree with us on a lot of policies that they get her ranked and told racist, i run through the true history of civil rights. a lot of republicans don't realize there's a history of nothing to be ashamed of. democrats have something to be ashamed of which is why they switch sides. in trees and i tell the story of joe mccarthy. liberals only has to rewrite five years of history. now they have written 200 years of history. for the first hundred years, liberal democrats refuse to treat blacks like humans and for the next century refuse to treat them like adults and that is what we are living with. they have switched their own history and played the games,
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you irish cop living in queens, i will be a civil-rights champion so we get all this bravery and the liberals pretended to care about black people for five minute and started slapping the civil-rights label on everything they really care about, abortion on demand, homeless rights, gay marriage, voter fraud. voter fraud. what does that have to do with black people? they are willing to slander black plaques by saying they're too stood to get a voter i.d.. to pursue a cause democrats favor, voter fraud. that is the arc of the book, the summary and i hope some of you have at least started it so i can start taking questions from
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the audience. >> c-span is taking so if you have questions line up behind this microphone so everything is recorded. thank you. >> thank you so much. of all people in politics you are the one i admire the most. your courage is amazing and your mind is a delight. after the mccain/obama election that if we were monitoring a third-world country and there was the ten point spread between exit polls and election results we would be sure there was fraud and apparently that was the task. now i have just read that amazing expense of major news
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outlets. >> i am so disappointed. the one saying that finally occurred to me, you may have seen me making this point the other night, polls have often been wrong. they have never been wrong in our direction. in los angeles, the mayor of los angeles was running for reelection, he was way ahead of the polls and got those lines, bradley had won the election based on early returns and it turned out he had lost. the same happened in every game yet and new york and the action results on election day and pollsters came back and said they have a good excuse. people are lying to us because they don't want to tell us they are not voting for the black man.
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if there's ever an election where it is operating this would be. i was on the dennis miller show yesterday and someone from michigan said he brought home a romney yard sign, at his wife said you can't put that up, they will say we are racist. if people are that afraid, that is what the argument is, we must purge our fields by reelecting a black president. that is one of their excuses and exit polls in 2004, i don't know if you can number that but by 3:00 it was john kerry won a landslide. those are supposed to the allegedly always treated as the most accurate poll. u-turn on the tv and all the conservatives on tv look like their dogs had died. liberals giggling and happy. it didn't come out that way. in new hampshire -- don't mean to run through all these, cbs saying you got to concede, he
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said i don't think i lost. the polls are wrong again. when have the polls ever mistakenly said the republican has won? really! i am not worried about the exit polls. >> i thought you meant the ten point spread is in our state? >> i don't remember what you're talking about. [talking over each other] >> in light of yesterday's lorillard humans in the supreme court in university of texas, what do you think is the possibility and probability of ending affirmative-action? >> my law firm brought the case against university of michigan undergrad and law school, center
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for individual rights. we brought the original case ten years ago and won against the law school and undergrads because of sandra day o'connor who said we need 25 more years of affirmative action. now we have constitutional provisions with expiration dates. there is an interesting book avent tsurprise.
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liberals try to help how did they cover the failure of public school? affirmative-action. let's deal with the public schools and i suppose i should say, whether or not i always thought was a mistake to make this argument though the imperial -- empirical evidence is interesting i don't care for beneficiary supports race discrimination or not. is unconstitutional. we are republicans. we do not believe in race discrimination. i don't want to hear about legacies. we did not fight a civil war to stop legacies. unlike some supreme court opinions i think the way to get past race discrimination is not to discriminate. [applause] >> i think the way to get past
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race discrimination is to stop discriminating on the basis of race. that is my thought. is an example of all liberal feel good policies. they feel so good about themselves and it hurts black people who fall farther behind. >> thank you. i have a 2-year-old to learn if he messes up his room in nap time he doesn't get ice cream but if you get ice cream every time he masses of his room he messes it up more. how did we evolve into a culture without rewards for bad behavior -- and everybody knows they have to get out of bed -- >> that is a beautiful summary of the first part of my book about the golden age of racial demagoguery. the worst behavior, criminal behavior, the cop killers are the ones who are celebrated.
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they are angry at society and you learn the stories of a lot of heroic black people, truly brave people fighting with what people -- fighting with whoopi goldberg takes no courage. testifying against a black cop killer in your mosque and instantly having to go to the witness protection program takes courage. why aren't those people celebrating? from the l.a. riots there was a black minister turned christian minister. you saw what was going on, about to be beaten to death, they painted his testicles black, filming and making fun of him, the minister yelling at this case black thugs about to kill the hispanic, threw himself on the body of the hispanic man and if you kill him you have to kill me first so they became great friends at a church downtown i would like to go to.
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that is a hero. we do not have hollywood movies about the black heroes. [applause] what liberals celebrate our the cop killers. you had maxine waters defending the man who attacked reginald denny and. what about the black people who saved his life? that is a pretty heroic story. but we don't get their stories and exactly what you say about children is much like this. everybody gets an a. everybody gets a trophy. no matter how bad the behavior was. the new york times defending it in an editorial saying now we will never know who killed rosenbaum. defending the most outrageous behavior until the final step was the o.j. verdict won a majority black jury could say it is okay for a black celebrity to cut his ex-wife's head off and
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kill ron goldman. the newspapers did make those excuses. ayn rand through a slew of editorials because there's only one felony conviction out of the o.j. trial. the conviction of mark furman for purging himself. he said he hadn't used the n word for ten years. ..
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man if we see corporate tax. i'm a governing border of the unified school district in iran as a conservative. three years ago i wanting came in first in a never had my registration. i didn't change. we met maybe there is hope. >> we were proud conservative republican on the city council and it's raining again. the things you talk about the ice cream, when i came to the school district, it was a massive disarray. it is no longer the lighthouse that was when i was there. we embedded conservative values and accountability, responsibility, no kool-aid drinking at the streeters. and guess what? kids bathed. they were well dressed and well mannered. we have no more truancy. [applause]
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no more truancy, number people kristina teachers, hitting them. it's all over with. there's a new sheriff in town. what i want to say is what i learned is what is the difference it can make winners leadership in the conservative cause in the greatest -- everything certain subculture and is created by the media and media, internet media and tv and radio. we see what talk radio has done, what people like yourself has done. what are we getting together, billionaires and millionaires because if you change california , which is broken, broken, please vote against every single tax. every single one. [applause] please vote against it every day. >> i don't think this crowd needs to be reminded of that.
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the mac ann, vote against every single one because the last thing sacramento needs is more money. it's like giving to a junkie. their herald tribune is server your organization. had we been media comest wallpapers,, large papers. >> i'd also like to comment on your taking of the public schools and actually producing useful once. liberals don't favor that, but they send their kids to private schools, so it doesn't really matter to them what happens in the public schools. who is it that's always fighting the vouchers to the nail? al gore was asked in a debate in harlem when he was running for president he conceded and, of course, are beholden to the teachers union. and so i black out reporter patents editor so big on the public schools and spend them
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money of the book schools and i have a vouchers student budgeting systems, why do your kids go to private schools? typical liberal movie got angry and said don't bring children into this. hang on a second, not so fast. i think it's a great idea for any conservative leaner to start another fox news. i love fox news, but why is that the only game in town? at 10 times the ratings of cnn and nbc. it is apparently not occurred. hey, they're getting higher ratings. i wonder if we should try being fair and balanced. [applause] and by the way, i am doing peers work in a few weeks. i treated him that the reason i've been avoiding doing it is he's one of these guys who retains an address before it goes to air. i just wanted to be life.
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i don't want my remarks back to have been edited out. that's all i ask for. klotzbach are probably won't get it, by the way. i was out here in l.a. it was more than an hour chit chatting with ted koppel. yep, you still alive. we were arguing the entire time. finally after an hour set to them, you're going to take a 32nd clip of this, rip it out of context and use it. don't you have enough to do that with my now, must they go on? he said yes he would be doing that. one of the things we were arguing about was my summer position. and by the way i've never worked for fox news. i've never worked for them. the only tv station i've ever worked for his msnbc. but i was just stating it as a factual matter.
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if you want the sense of an issue come you watch fox news. i watch msnbc for fun, but if i want to know is going on, data go back to fox. among the examples i was giving him was if you watch msnbc for example right now, you might as the story about our ambassador being killed. you know that they think it's been a game changing gas by mitt romney, which you do not know about obama's people. there's a lot of things you don't know. i recited the caliber of the liberals on fox news. i mean, until she passed away, former price presidential candidate on the democratic party. they have bob beckel, who i think is the low hard, but he ran mondale's campaign. susan estrich ran to caucuses can pain. you have juan williams. look, i know they're liberals,
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but there is smart as they come. [laughter] it the best liberalism has to offer. meanwhile in msnbc the people at ever heard a end they were functional representing the conservative argument. i said in the primetime lineup is only one partisan host, sean hannity. so this makes ted koppel's head explode and of course he cites bill o'reilly. i said o'reilly is middle of the road. he believes in global warming, gun control must be a bomb is. koppel said you're saying he's not opinionated? i said no, he's the best journalist in america. and he would agree with me on all of that. [laughter] so then it runs under the
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horrible clip of o'reilly screaming at some gas, i think of is the same as barney frank one or something. and then koppel 10 says ann coulter thinks bill o'reilly isn't partisan enough. it was exactly the opposite. i mean, it really is getting to the point that they'll take a clip of using gas and answer the question, are you a child molester? [laughter] which is why new romney was going to shine in these debates. you'll notice on msnbc and cnn camille really see romney talking directly. it will be a narrow clip or they won't even show appeared off a 47% of the country are scumbags. that's what he said. can you show me the clip of that? could i see him saying that? and so as soon as people see romney on their own, i noticed her in the primary because i was
10:10 am
in earlier docs are up of the mitt romney for president campaign. and my friends would call major in the primaries, depending when they sovereignly give his speech. every 10 different people for different speeches that say that was the best speeches ever given. you know, if he had been speaking like that from the beginning, i would've supported him. another say he has been. you're not watching. okay, sorry i rambled a bit. [laughter] >> thank you very much for all the great work you do and helped david horowitz educate america that have very unchain really badly needs it. every -- >> they sent right-wingers like david and me to college campuses where often the only conservative campuses but here in four years of college at syracuse university a few years ago, i usually have dinner with
10:11 am
college republicans afterwards. on one of them told me about everything happening at a green party meeting. i said finally, what are you a mall? how do you know? he said no, used to be green. i said what are you doing at the member of the republican click now? and he said he spoke year after 9/11 and nobody else is making sense. you were the only person who made sense, so i became a republican. [applause] there's a reason they don't want college students to hear me and david. >> that kind of that kind of leads me to make two part question is then surrounded by so many liberals have informed opinion, but only on half the information. i say what it should try listening fox news or ann coulter or david horowitz or some thing. so i guess one quick question is how is she steered them to listen to anything that's not just a liberal base? the other question is why can't
10:12 am
republicans do a better job explaining his pivoted values and what can be done about it? >> that's a good question. as for getting liberals doing plague the years and stop humming, that's always been a challenge for us. what are my doctor friends in new york recently moved into a medical office with a dozen other.yours. when he moved a year ago, every single was a liberal and is now proudly announced to me every single one of them is a republican and are all watching fox news. [applause] but he's really not them and we doing it slowly breaks them down on one point. once you pull out one card, the entire house of cards usually collapses. and also, david and i are very proud to be by liberals as crazy because as i wrote they have only to responses to a right
10:13 am
winger. you're either or crazy. so thank you. republicans do have some trouble articulating things, which is why some of our presidential ticket this year. i love republicans fear and love their ideas. many of our elected politicians aren't the most articulate. if the first time in history republicans have had two very articulate republicans. when i was watching the debate last week, i realize for the first time at not watched a republican candidate for president speak or debate with a knot in my stomach. nope, i'm just going to sit back and enjoy this. i'm sure the bain capital guy can handle this on his own. part of it is to liberals choose to put on tv. we do have a fair number of articulate conservatives.
10:14 am
i don't think in general they are the ones being invited on hardball, except for one. my friend ron christie, adding a few if you noticed this, i think chris mathews doesn't realize that ron christie is running circles around him. it's the most fun things to watch because other than that it's dr. who couldn't argue with my cup of iced tea. you'd lose the debate. >> one thing i noticed in this area, this election that's very different than all past elections, every other car in the area would have a carrie or core or obama sticker. every five houses of death among time from a democratic candidate. i could drive off and just see a few bumper stickers to say obama. there's no houses in my west l.a. neighborhood that had been a bomb alongside. i'm wondering, what does this
10:15 am
mean? [applause] >> well, i would like to think it's because conservatives got tired of having their cars keyed insides ripped down and decided to retaliate by key liberal cars and within their signs down, but i suspect that is not reinserted. i think probably baseless support for obama, so they may not be willing to say it. who would put an obama sign on this lawn. [laughter] it would be like a dukakis sign. come on. okay, we elected the first black resident, but he only wrecked the country, give it a rest. our site is doing it because their cars get keyed and science get torn down.
10:16 am
>> hi, my name is harry. i love your passion and your honesty all these years. i've seen you on media. and david, i admire him so deeply. mainly for that day she was going be campuses and taking them on right there in those places. i was a student in 1965 at kersten university and i was drawn by democrats into democrats into wanting to help take care of people are hearing the clarence thomas hearings, i switched to republican. the >> that's great. >> after the republicans inability to prosecute clinton all the way, i let them and became an independent and decided that was the best place i could find. i loved what you said about the
10:17 am
courage of the black conservative. that's the subject i've been drawn to from the very beginning. it was in my heart in those days as a student, when i was in the march to montgomery, where it all got started. >> is this leading to question? >> i have value of my own, too. i wanted you to comment on the person of thomas soul if you don't mind. [applause] >> i think is the greatest living human. that's part of the reason my dedication is kind of a crackerjack surprise. the book is dedicated to free his black man in america. but you have to read the book to see that was one black man fainted about another black man in america.
10:18 am
it's not thomas soul, but a lot of people guessed it was and i kind of liked that. i was thinking about the college speeches. another recently took a bit of obama. i don't know if you've noticed this, the college liberals don't have a chance now that they have obama in the white house. they have all kinds of cheese for bush. it's kind of the chart now going to college campus. they're discouraged, they don't know what their slogan is. get romney and then the protesters will come back and we'll all have a good time. one other thing i'm liberal help as with affirmative action wanting to do some pain, clarence thomas has a beautiful quote at the end of one of his decisions or opinion on affirmative action. he closed for douglas and i don't have it memorized, but it was frederick douglass talking to a group of abolitionists and
10:19 am
you always wonder what you're going to do. but i ask of you is do nothing. if you're doing but that has caused us trouble, please leave us alone. let us stand on her own two feet if we can and if we fall, let that happen. just please stop dealing with us. and boy was he right, all of the liberal dooming. the black marriage rates you agree to my first job for were higher than the white rates for most of the 20th century. the residents of the great society programs kicked in the suddenly the requirement was removed from the families now come used to be widows of dependent children suddenly had destroyed the black family as they're coming out of the rural south come in needing to go through the immigrant experience, just a generation or two out of slavery they were doing better than they were once was great society programs kicked in. everything allegedly to help black people is never to help
10:20 am
black people. it was to help them feel good about themselves. it was to push some other unrelated cause a just cause unimaginable in this duration of that americans, of our fellow americans can do something we should all care about. do not let the liberals get away with this anymore. [applause] >> thank you so much for being here. i'm just really glad we made the choice to come. i'm very, very concerned as i know all of us are about the integrity, the honesty of the electoral system. i don't want to find out that somebody has one because they found thousands of ballot in someone's trunk. so i wonder if you could tell me, what are we doing about enhanced team or to make sure, as sure as we can possibly to keep the selection on a pier at
10:21 am
please be specific. >> i feel like a minute town hall debate. i have some predictions on the town hall debate. i don't know. i mean, i don't think you have to worry about california. i don't think romney will be waiting here. but if you go help out any groups in any of the swing states, i know a lot of people are concerned about it. republicans have to win decisively or democrats will feel it. released aware of the issue now and the fact that liberals are pulling out heavy guns by saying that's racist beard is racist to make sure the people voting are eligible to vote. that shows how nervous they are about it. they think you're going to back down. well, i say it's racist to argue that only black keebler too to get a photo i.d. no, that's racist.
10:22 am
thank you for coming today. i'll be signing books. [applause] >> the tv attends a party for the publication of ann coulter's, and "mugged: racial demagoguery from the seventies to obama." she talks to guess and science books at americans for tax reform here in washington. this is about 20 minutes. >> hello, hello, thank you kindly. >> thanks for writing the book. nice to meet you. >> nice to meet you, hello. gary johnson? no, no, no come after wednesday night you've got to be a romney grow now. >> good to see you. >> archer glad i'm not blaming you? they held me over as explained in as root to look at your watch in the end bunch of middle of an
10:23 am
interview. it's like a half an hour later. [inaudible conversations] >> i haven't seen you in such a long time why haven't you had me on? that's great, i'll be in new york for that. i'll see you later. >> have you read it? >> now, but she sent it to us as a crackerjack surprise inside it was dedicated. >> has or has been it yet? >> no, leave them alone. he changed his e-mail address on me by the way. i know i've e-mailed you and you aren't e-mailing me back.
10:24 am
>> i hadn't planned to say anything, but some family, my publisher, editor of human events told me to be polite for me to say something, so i went to first start off by saying i saw human events thought that it i was late. that's most important is it's not my fault. thank you for coming because you will see anything about this book in the mainstream media accept the deal, love those gals. i really, really do love them because everything they receive is everything believed by "the new york times," but "the new york times" is too chicken to argue with me about it. without sounding like this is conservative paranoia, i've never had a book as ignored by the mainstream media as this book. my first book, high crimes and misdemeanors, i did a series of morning interviews. this one they won't even attack the one i'm not there, which is
10:25 am
what they usually do. no, this one day do not want you to read because it's an emergency but. i wanted it to come out before the election goes through. it breeds racial demagoguery from the last and to point out that it's never produced, only produce disaster, heart rate, crime, death. it has been a disaster for america, most of all for black people. the point is to say don't fall for white guilt again, america. last is to fascinate and look what that produced. so don't fall for it again. don't make the same mistake again and also is a really fun book to read because most of it will be stories you have never read before. thank you and also your books now. [applause] this yours?
10:26 am
[inaudible] >> thank you good are you living? i've got a come back received. that's all i'm getting from you? [inaudible conversations] i was just telling how i saw all the whippersnappers at events. you hang on alan's every word. you don't even care. and also, we always agree. i now think my whole support for christie was like running off with a biker. i'm back to romney. >> we were right. >> yes we were.
10:27 am
[inaudible conversations] >> i know, i'm giving him a big hat to match his body. good to see you guys. thank you for coming. thanks for coming. nice to meet you. >> -- he's a struggling democrat. >> the dark side. >> when i gave him your book, he made it to page 17. >> this one? which one? >> 17? 's >> he did manage to get through 50 shades of gray at the same time. i'm working in. one for a friend of mine. my name is randall, but the
10:28 am
other one is to francis. this one is a fun book. it starts with a low series of crime. randall? i think it's more personal to have just the first name. >> i agree. >> undergraduate for mr. commie. >> the reason i like user very to the point. >> thank you. come to the dark side, mr. commie. thank you. >> i'm john.
10:29 am
my dad from new york. >> thank you, thank you. thank you, you married a good one man. this is to my woman, to angela please. she couldn't be her because she's opening up her shop. she did build that shot. >> i hope we were po obamacare for her. that's going to be tough if it goes through. >> lucky you married into the family. [inaudible conversations] >> but only as a history in five years of liberal rewriting. this corrects 200 years of liberal rewriting. >> what a pleasure. keep up the great work. >> thank you so much. thank you for coming. >> how's it going?

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